Friday, September 20, 2013

A List of Nothing in Particular

The Internet is made of lists.

Here is a list to sate the eternal appetite of the internet for lists.

1. I hate the concept of swear words. I think that banning words from public use is a slippery slope. And think about the words that we consider "swears". They're mostly synonyms for bodily functions like pooping and sex. Why the hell aren't we supposed to talk about those things? We all do those things? Why are those swears? Why isn't the word "Murder" a swear? Why is "Murder" a fine word to use but "fuck" isn't? I think murdering is worse than fucking.

2. George Washington did not have wooden teeth. He also never chopped down a cherry tree. He probably did tell a lie at some point in his life.

3. A puppy in a grocery bag!

4. There are people who think the new Doctor should have been a woman. I am one of them. There are people who think a future Doctor should be a woman. I am also one of those people. There are people who think the Doctor should never be a woman. I think these people are huge sexist dipshits.

5. I can't stop listening to "Welcome to Nightvale". It's basically my favorite pop culture thing of the year. Listen to it here: Also, ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!

6.  Remember the 90's? Here is a thing that is so totally 90's:

7. This is my anthem for 2013:

8. I like sports but I think the fact that athletes are valued more by our society than scientists, doctors, educators, firefighters, and most other jobs is kind of silly.

9. #TeamOxfordComma


Totally 90's.

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