Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Decade

I moved to Chicago, Illinois in August of 2003 from Newburyport, Massachusetts.

So, while I don't remember the exact date, I've lived in the city for roughly ten years.

In the last ten years I have:

-Been on 1 team at the Playground theater, Space Robbers.
-Been on six Harold teams at iO Chicago including Rumpus, Beelzebuddies, the Washington Generals, War Dove, Mike Helicopter, and most recently, Coup de Grace.
-Played in a variety of independent shows including Our Feature Presentation, the Halloween Show, Improvised Star Trek, and quite a few others.
-Coached a few teams including Party Shark, the Riot, and Thank You, Dr. Science (who are still one of my proudest achievements as an improv person)
-Did some time on the Harold Commission.
-Traveled the world- I've been to Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.
-Been romantically involved with 1 woman.
-Got married to her.
-Had a Steampunk themed wedding.
-Worked for 4 companies- 1 of which was a temp company, so I sort of worked for 8 companies.
-Grew a beard.
-Attended Barack Obama's victory rally in 2008.
-Started doing Crossfit.
-Gained 30 pounds.
-Got two cats.
-Lived in 5 apartments.
-Watched the Red Sox win two World Series.
-Watched the Bruins win 1 Stanley Cup.
-Watched the Blackhawks go from being a laughingstock to arguably the most successful franchise in Chicago since the 90's Bulls.
-Became a morning person.
-Met some really incredible people. Improvisors, people who work at World Book, brewers, chefs, artists, actors, Crossfitters, politicians, activists- Chicago is home to some amazing folks.

Overall, it's been an incredible decade of life. I'm so grateful to Chicago, and the people who live here, especially the improv community, for filling my life with so many wonderful things every single day.

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