Monday, August 12, 2013

"I'm Not Really Much of a Reader"

When you meet someone, generally, the questions you ask them during the "getting to know you" process look something like this:

"What is your favorite band?"
"What kind of movies do you like?"
"What sports do you follow?"
"Who is your favorite living actor?"


Now, imagine if you answered these questions like this:

"I'm just not that into music."
"I tried watching a few movies, but I just couldn't get through any of them."
"I only followed sports when I had to for school."
"I just think actors are boring."

You'd probably be fairly baffled if someone said ANY of those things, right? I mean, how can you not like ANY music? What kind of person doesn't have a favorite movie? Who only paid attention to sports for school? Who gets bored watching all TV/Movies (I mean, some TV/Movies, sure, but not all of them)?

Now imagine someone asked these questions:

"What kind of books do you like to read?"
"Who is your favorite author?"
"What was the last good book that you read?"

In contrast, think about how many times you've heard someone reply to any of those questions with an answer like:

"I don't really read books."
"I only read for school/my job."
"I'm just not much of a reader."

And how did you react? Probably like this was a pretty normal response, right? Because tons of people just don't read books! That's normal.

Why the hell is that normal? Who the frak decided that that was okay? We EXPECT people to watch movies, and TV and listen to music, but we don't EXPECT people to read books? Seriously?

So the next time you say to someone "what's your favorite book?" and they say "I don't really read books.", punch them in the shoulder and then take them to the library.

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