Friday, June 21, 2013

Bruins/Blackhawks Stanley Cup Drinking Game

I have created a drinking game for the remaining Bruins/Blackhawks Stanley Cup finals games.

In order to play, you will need a Sam Adams Boston Lager and a Goose Island 312.

For all Bruins related items, take a drink from the Boston Lager. For all Blackhawks related items, drink from the 312. For items related to both teams, take a drink from either bottle.

Drink if:

-The commentators mention that Bobby Orr played his final seasons with the Blackhawks.
-The commentators mention that Phil Esposito was traded from the Blackhawks to the Bruins in one of the most lopsided deals in NHL history.
-The commentators mention that Ray Emery was 17 and 1 in the regular season, but hasn't played a single game against the Bruins in the playoffs.
-The commentators compare Patrice Bergeron to Jonathan Toews or vice-versa.
-The commentators compare Tuuka Rask to Tim Thomas.
-The commentators compare Brad Marchand to Andrew Shaw or vice-versa.
-The commentators use the phrase "Original Six".
-The commentators mention that Zdeno Chara is a large human.
-Mike Milbury says something kind of racist.
-Jeremy Roenick says something kind of stupid.
-Jeremy Roenick or Mike Milbury just starts kind of rambling about nothing.
-Don Cherry says something awful about French-Canadians or Europeans.
-Anyone uses the phrase "Big Bad Bruins".
-The commentators mention the period of time that either team went without winning a Stanley Cup.
-Someone mentions Dollar Bill Wirtz.
-Someone mentions Jeremy Jacobs.
-Someone uses the phrase "old time hockey".
-A Dropkick Murphys song plays (drink twice if the song is "Time to Go")
-The game goes to overtime.
-Someone says "Well, Sidney Crosby and/or Alex Ovechkin are sitting at home."
-Anyone says "Defense wins championships."
-Someone says "Patrick Kane" and "finesse" in the same sentence.
-Someone says "Patrick Kane" and "mullet" in the same sentence.
-Claude Julien makes a weird face and kind of looks like a sad walrus.
-Joel Quenneville's moustache looks impressive (limit to close up shots of his moustache so you don't die from alcohol poisoning).
-Someone says "if Jaromir Jagr had a child the last time he was in the Stanley Cup finals, that child would now be old enough to drink."
-Milan Lucic follows up a really impressive play with a really stupid penalty.
-Someone drunkenly sings "Chelsea Dagger" near you, but clearly doesn't know any of the lyrics.