Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Truth of the Matter in Getting the Bod You Want (and Deserving It)

Almost 8 months ago I started Crossfit.  I drank the healthy cult juice and I am hooked. It's annoying to those around me that couldn't care less.  But beyond Crossfit, I've learned something and now I'll pass on that something to you:

The hardest thing about trying to achieve the body you want is accepting the fact that you have to change your lifestyle.  Many people, myself included, have tried to just adjust their habits a smidgen and expect awesome results. Sadly, folks, this is not possible.  In order to have a "rockin' bod," you have to change the way you live your life.  Daily...forever. Working out has to be a routine, like going to work or taking a shower.  At least five days a week of 30 min to 1 hour of sweating your ass off. Not giving into your brain's "I can't do this" or  simply, "no." No excuses, ever. Spending the time buying and preparing good food. Experimenting with different flavors, techniques and combinations to see what's palatable to you (side note: thank goodness for Sean or I'd be eating Ramen for dinner EVERY NIGHT).  Never give in, never surrender your body to what is easy.  Make goals for yourself: I'm going to lift this or be able to do this in X amount of time.  Cheer yourself on (in your head, otherwise, it's weird). Read about success stories; There are SO many inspiring stories out there on the interwebs.  Read them.  People who started in a much tougher spot than you are ROCKING THE SOCKS OFF OF LIFE and that means you totally can too. And in the end, it's not only the accomplishment in the mirror.  It's that you've proven to yourself that you can do it. You can eat right and enjoy it. You can lift things that you couldn't lift before and that makes you giddy.  And, sure, you can rock that outfit you've always wanted to rock.  But mentally and physically, you've won and you continue to win.  And you'll find out the amazing things that your body was meant to do.

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