Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Favorite Scenes From Every Single Pixar Movie

I'm a sucker for Pixar. Here in chronological order of release are my favorite Single Scenes from every single Pixar movie:

1.  Toy Story- Clearly I Will Go Sailing No More:

Buzz Lightyear spends most of "Toy Story" thinking that he is a real space ranger and not a toy. This is the scene where he realizes the truth- he is an action figure, and he cannot fly. It's emotionally devastating.  The way the action of the scene is synced up to the music is perfect.

2.  A Bug's Life- Flik Stands Up

"A Bug's Life" is easily the most underrated Pixar movie. Flik may actually be my favorite character from any Pixar film.  And this is his best scene.  Beaten, bloodied, embarassed, Flik stands up to a bully, and inspires his people who have mostly shunned and rejected him to this point. When Flik Stands up after being beaten, I get chills.

3.  Toy Story 2- Jessie's Story

It seems impossible, but "Toy Story 2" is actually better than the first "Toy Story". Nearly every Pixar movie has a scene that makes grown men bawl like toddlers. This is one of them. Learn Jessie the cowgirl's story.

4.  Monster's Inc.- Boo's Door

Pixar tends to wear their influences on their sleeves. Miyazake, Disney, Henson- you can see them all in every single Pixar movie. "Monster's Inc." borrows alot from Jim Henson in particular. Frank Oz (Fozzie Bear, Yoda) even plays a small part in the film.  The last scene of the movie is my favorite when Sully, thinking he will never see Boo again, walks through her door, and hears her say "Kitty".

5.  Finding Nemo-Turtles

I like this scene for a bunch of reasons. For one, Crush the turtle reminds me of my father-in-law. For another, I love seeing Marlin realizing how to be parent and stop living in fear.  Finally, I love the lobsters with thick New England accents in the montage at the end of the clip.

6.  The Incredibles- Dash Runs as Fast as He Can

After being forced to hide his extraordinary abilities for his whole life, Dash Parr is finally given the opportunity to run "As fast as he can". The sequence is action packed, and fun. The look of realization on Dash's face as he realizes he's running on the water is my favorite part of the scene.

7.  Cars- Our Town

If you've ever loved a small town then this scene will hit you pretty hard. "Cars" is kind of a silly movie, but this scene, set to James Taylor's "Our Town" is really powerful.

8. Ratatouille- Anton Ego's Speech

"Ratatouille" is my favorite Pixar movie. I love food, and I consider myself an artist, and Anton Ego's speech basically sums up alot of what I think about art in general.  Such a great, moving speech.

9.  Wall-E- The First 45 Minutes of the Movie

I'm still kind of blown away by the fact that "Wall-E" got made. I can just imagine the pitch- "Okay, Disney Producers and Executives, it's a film about a robot in a post-apocalyptic future who falls in love with another robot. The film has a strong message of anti-commercialism. Oh, and the first 45 minutes has no dialogue."

10.  Up- I Was Hiding Under Your Porch Because I Love You

Oh, Doug.

11.  Toy Story 3- Andy Plays With His Toys

Remember how I said "Toy Story 2" was better than "Toy Story"? Well "Toy Story 3" is even better than that. This is the last scene in the film.  Andy is off to college, and gives his toys to another child so they can keep doing what toys are supposed to do, but he plays with them one last time.

12. Cars 2- Ummm...I haven't seen Cars 2. I'll add something here once I see it.

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