Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff that Makes Me Happy

Slow blog month.  Sorry.  Things have been pretty busy in the Frakking Shiny house with wedding planning and travel and whatnot.  Here's a wee blog for your reading pleasure.  We all have little things that make us happy.  Here are five of mine.

Graph paper-

There are two things I really love about graph paper. 1) No margins which means you can write or doodle anywhere on the page, and 2) the little squares help you draw more precise doodles.

Talking to Cashiers-

You might hate your job, but you know who has a crappier job than you? The cashier who took your order at McDonald's or the guy at CVS who broke the $100 bill you brought to their store.  I always try to strike up a conversation with a cashier.  If I can get them to smile and forget about their jobs for a minute I feel like I've won.

The Smell of Dirt-

Earth.  Soil.  Dirt.  It smells good.  Especially after it rains.

Feeling Sore the Day After a Workout-

I love to work out, but if I don't feel sore the next day, I feel like all of the weightlifting I did was for naught.  It takes some getting used to when you start, but after you've been working out for awhile you start to crave soreness.

A Really Good Fried Clam-

To many, the lobster is the ultimate culinary symbol of New England.  To me it's the humble clam.  I  love chowder, and steamed clams, but my favorite way to eat the little suckers is battered and deep fried.

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