Friday, May 27, 2011


I love food and will eat just about anything.  I love stuff you probably think is gross.  Like beef tongue, chicken livers, and pretty much any type of sushi you can imagine.

But I hate mushrooms.  I hate them.  I hate their texture mostly.  It's weird, and feels wrong in my mouth.  Slimy, weirdly yielding... they're gross.

Even more than that? Mushrooms are frakking terrifying.  As a fungus, mushrooms are pretty much the only organic matter we eat that is neither a plant or an animal.  More than that? Scientists have a very poor understanding of how mushrooms actually work.  Like there's one type of mushroom that only grows in forests after forest fires and nobody knows why.  Also, most edible mushrooms look exactly like different types of mushrooms that are poisonous.

Oh, and the biggest organism in the world? It's not a huge redwood tree, or a blue whale...

It's a giant mushroom:

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