Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arya Stark: My future Daughter, Fingers Crossed

It's no secret that Sean and I are totally infatuated with all things "Game of Thrones" and the Song of Ice and Fire series.  It's full of incredible characters in the book series and portrayed in the HBO series.  And among those excellent characters is little Arya Stark of Winterfell.  She's a total, tiny bad ass and I can only hope that some day, I have a daughter just like her.  And here, ladies and gents, are a few reason why:
  1. She's a tom boy of the finest quality.
    What this means is no pink, no princess dresses, no glitter, Barbies (are Bratz now more cool?), etc.
    I can't remember who said it, but someone said that if their daughter must be a princess, that they have to have a sword (or battle axe, mace, etc) as well.  A fancy lady shouldn't let frills get in the way of kicking some ass here and there.
  2. She speaks her mind.
    I know that in the teenage years, this will bite me in the butt, but I'd rather have a daughter who speaks her mind than one who doesn't speak or worse, says what she thinks she wants people to hear.  I tried the latter and it was an awful time.
  3. She loves her daddy.
    There is nothing better than a good, daddy/daughter relationship.
  4. She doesn't give up.
    Of course this gets her in trouble, but a girl who doesn't back down is WAY better than one that gives up.  You learn better if you "try try again" instead of giving up.
  5. She's resourceful.
    No matter the obstacle, she's smart and creative in her ways to get around it.  A daughter with ingenuity is a great daughter to have!
Now watch me have all boys.  That wouldn't be so bad either.


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