Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ten of the Best Things I've Ever Eaten

As I'm about to clean my kitchen, and cook dinner, I started thinking about food, and how much I love it.  Here is a quick list of ten of the best things I've ever eaten.  Or maybe, ten of my favorite things I've ever eaten.  Regardless.  Here they are.

My mom's baked macaroni and cheese- Such a simple dish.  Pasta, cheese, Ritz cracker crumbs crumbled on top.  But, just thinking about it makes me miss home.

Fried Clams- And speaking of missing home- whenever I go back to Massachusetts, I always have fried clams.  I love clams, and while I can find okay-to-decent clam chowder pretty much anywhere, I've never had decent fried clams outside of New England.

Pork Belly from Blackbird- Sweet zombie Jesus this might actually be the best thing I've eaten in my whole life.  Braised pork belly with cornbread and a prawn on top.  Delicious.

Foie Gras Hot Dog from Hot Doug's- The perfect marriage of fine dining and street food.  Deliciousness made manifest in tubular form.   I've had alot of hot dogs in my life, but the Foie Gras dog is easily the best.

Green beans straight off of the plant- When I was growing up in New Hampshire, we had a little garden in our backyard where we grew green beans.  I used to love to eat them straight off of the plant.  Crisp, fresh, clean.  Always refreshing on a late Summer Day.

Sweetbreads from Tango Sur- Somebody else said this;  I don't remember who, but I'm stealing it.  Imagine the texture of a Chicken McNugget- crispy on the outside, kind of weirdly creamy on the inside.  Now imagine that it tastes amazing.  My first sweetbread experience was at Tango Sur.  If you don't know what a sweetbread is...uh...look it up.

Blueberry Ice Cream from any random ice cream place in Maine- Maine blueberries are smaller and tarter than regular blueberries.  In New England, many local ice cream places (every New England town has at least 1 mindblowingly amazing ice cream place) make ice cream with these blueberries.  Sweet, creamy ice cream, and tart little blueberries- a winning combination.

Lengua tacos- One of my favorite things about Chicago is that there are probably a hundred (if not more) amazing tacquerias here.  My favorite thing to order is a lengua taco on a soft shell with onions and a squeeze of lime. The best part? A single taco is almost always less than 2 dollars

Wings- There was this place in Amherst, MA called the Hangar, and when I was going to UMass, we would order their boneless Wings all of the time.  Giant, random pieces of chicken, deep fried, and covered in a sauce of your choice.  My choice was usually honey mustard.

Eggs- Is there anything better in the entire world than a fried or poached egg?  Is there anything that can't be improved by the addition of runny, bright yellow egg yolk? The answer to both questions is no.  I will eat an egg on anything- pizza, burgers, a salad, ramen.  I eat eggs for breakfast EVERY DAY.  And I don't get sick of them.  Ever.

That's just ten things. I could go on.  But I won't.  I'm going to eat something.  I will probably put an egg on top of it.

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