Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real Snippets of Conversation from the Kelley-Ives Household

Here are some things that have been uttered in our apartment recently:

"Oh! Don't forget- we need to buy ramekins to make lemon-cakes for our Game of Thrones Party."

"I've arranged the spice/sauce cabinet by phases of matter- solids over here and liquids over there."

"(while watching classic Battlestar Galactica) Did he just say "feed him to the daggetts? What is a daggett?"

"I just watched that scene from The Girl Who Waited where the doctor says goodbye to sleeping Amelia Pond. I swear it makes me tear up every time." (the "Girl Who Waited" is an episode of Dr. Who)

"We need to close the door of the Room of Requirement.  We don't want the cats to get into the clock gears I'm using to make boutonnieres" (the Room of Requirement is our office)


  1. This is great! I'm going to steal the title "room of requirement" when we move into a house with an office/everything room.

  2. Technically, that Doctor Who scene is from "The Big Bang" not "The Girl Who Waited" bad.