Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comics on Screen: Marvel vs. DC

So, this Summer, I have this to look forward to from Marvel Comics:

I mean, how awesome is that? Did your notice the Howling Commandos? Because I did.  Oh, and Tommy Lee Jones is in this.  Why? Who cares.  It's Tommy Lee Motherhugging Jones.

But wait, the awesome train hasn't stopped yet, because then there's this:

Thor! Directed by Kenneth Branagh! And Stringer Bell is in it as Heimdal!  Wow!  Marvel is killing it.  So, what is their Distinguished Competition giving us to compete with that?

Ummm...why is one of the two guys from 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place playing Hal Jordan? And why do all of the Green Lanterns have glowing pectoral striations? This is a joke right? This is like a fan trailer that an animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design made, right? For their final?  What? No? This is the ACTUAL Green Lantern Trailer? For a real movie?  Oh.  Well leas the Wonder Woman TV show is going to be awesome? Right? Because it's Wonder Woman? And she's awesome?

Ooooookay.  That's the real Wonder Woman costume.  It's real...pleathery? What's that you said? The show is being produced by David Kelley? Whose primary claim to fame is creating Ally McBeal?  Oh great Zeus...

My point here is that Marvel is doing a really great job creating movies from their properties.  I mean, how awesome was Iron Man? But DC isn't.  Sure, Dark Knight was amazing, but Superman Returns was a huge turd.  And what else have they made? Where's the awesome Flash movie we deserve? Or hey, how about a Justice League movie? All of DC's movies that aren't directed by Christopher Nolan have been bad.  Or just don't exist.

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