Friday, March 25, 2011

C2E2- Belated

Last weekend, Chelsea and I headed down to C2E2- The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.  Here are some of my thoughts on the experience:

1.  C2E2 has it all over Wizard World Chicago or whatever the hell it's called now.  At some point, Wizard World (or whatever) went from being a festival that celebrated comics, comic creators, and comic fans to being a festival that celebrated paying $50 to get a photograph signed by Rowdy Roddy Piper. C2E2 had TONS of comic stuff.  C2E2 is a celebration of comics.  Wizard World ( know) is something else entirely.

2.  I don't care what you think- people dressed up as their favorite comic characters are awesome.  There's a specific type of person who goes to Cons who I kind of can't stand- people who treat it like a freakshow. "Oh man.  I can't wait to see some fat nerds dressed up as Wolverine and Catwoman".  I hate that guy or girl.  Hate them.  The people who make those costumes LOVE those characters, and some of those costumes are awesome.  Some people even stay in character all day while they're walking around, and that's great.  I'd rather hang our with someone who spent 100 hours building a costume based on something they loved rather than the jerk who spent 10 seconds saying something snide about them.

3. The darker the book the kinder and funnier the author.  I've had this theory for awhile that writers who write really dark, complex, sad books tend to be more pleasant in real life than those who write really upbeat stuff.  My theory was proven when Chelsea and I went to see China Mieville, author of books like "Perdido St. Station", "The City and the City" and "Un Lun Dun".  Mieville's books tend to be epic, confusing, dark, intelligent, and often very, very sad.  In person, Mieville was smart, funny, and very kind.  He talked about how imaginative kids are, how fun creating monsters can be, and how his politics (he's a socialist) don't define his writing, though they do affect it.  His panel lasted 1 hour, but I think I could've listened to him talk for 7.

4.  It's awesome to be around thousands of people who love the things you love.  Most of the time, you probably see a bare handful of folks who are passionate about your passions on a given day.  It's an incredible feeling to be in a swarm of several thousand people who all care about the same things as you.

5.  Chelsea really likes "True Blood".  We went to a "True Blood" Panel, and Chelsea really, really geeked out.  I was...well....not as excited.  But she loved it, so it was worth it.

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