Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No More Runnin'- I aim to misbehave

In anticipation of his forthcoming novel ("Wise Man's Fear"), I have been reading Patrick Rothfuss's excellent blog.  This morning, I read this:

Nathan Fillion, perhaps jokingly, stated in an interview that if he got $300 million, he would buy the rights to "Firefly" from Fox, and start producing the show again.

Let's back up before we go on:

Origin Story:

Back in 2002, Joss Whedon, the producer/creator of cult hits "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" created a show for Fox called "Firefly".  "Firefly" was a space opera set in a future where mankind had colonized many different planets.  The setting was distinctly western (space western anyway), and featured a ragtag group of space smugglers just trying to get by in a wild universe.

The show was awesome, but the ratings were low.  Why were they low if the show was awesome? Well sci-fi can be a hard sell to Muggles (the non-nerdingly inclined) and Fox didn't really provide the show any support.  They showed the episodes out of order.  They didn't really advertise it.  And then they moved it to the dreaded "Friday Night Death Slot" where so many potentially great Fox television series have gone to die.  "Firefly" was canceled after one season.

Then something funny happened.  A small, passionate fanbase made some big noises- complaining angrily about the show's cancellation.  This convinced Fox to let Joss Whedon turn "Firefly" into a movie- "Serenity".

"Serenity" went on to bomb at the box office, "Firefly" was confined to the dustbin of sci-fi history, and while the fanbase never stopped making noise, it seemed as if we ("Firefly" fans) would never again see new episodes of the series again.

Fast forward to this.  This!  Nathan Fillion- the star of "Firefly"- Mal Reynolds himself says this.  He would buy "Firefly".  He would produce "Firefly". And we- the fans. Have latched onto this.

Fellow nerds, fellow geeks- we have to do this.  We HAVE to bring back "Firefly".  In an era when so many of our most beloved stories and characters- from Spider Man to Star Trek- have been co-opted by the mainstream, "Firefly" is still OURS.  It is a show created by nerds, for nerds. If we can do this- if we can raise enough money, and get this show brought back, it will be ours in a way that no popular property ever could be.  We will own it.  Literally- not just figuratively.

Sure Nathan Fillion may have said this flippantly, but if we can prove that there's enough demand, if we can raise enough money, they have to bring it back.  "Firefly" could come back!

No more runnin', nerds.  It's time to misbehave.

Check in at this web site for more information, and donation opportunities:

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