Thursday, January 13, 2011

Know Your Psychic Powers

I get annoyed by some dumb things.  Here are a few:

1.  Pop up ads on the internet
2.  People who don't believe in evolution (also known as the poor souls who live in a world where there were never dinosaurs)
3.  Poorly set up lines at grocery stores
4.  Star Trek Voyager
5.  When people get psychic power terminology mixed up

That last one really rankles me.  When I hear someone say "holy shit dude!  That chick is a telepath!  She's moving shit with her mind!  Shit!"  I kind of want to scream.

But, alas, I am not the screaming type.  Instead of brooding on this particular issue, I decided to do something positive.  Here then, for your reading pleasure, is a brief guide to Psychic power terminology:

Telepathy- transfer of information from one mind to another.  Reading minds, talking psychically, that's all telepathy.

Telekinesis- Moving stuff with your mind.  If you pick up a pen with your psychic powers, you are moving it with telekinesis.

Precognition- The ability to see the future, like a fortune teller.  Often when people are talking about "a psychic" what they really mean is "one who sees the future".

Pyrokinesis- Lighting fires with your psychic powers.  Like in the book and film "Firestarter"

Clairvoyance- Kind of like precognition, except you can tell stuff about the present instead of the future.

Psychokinesis- Like telekinesis, except instead of just being able to affect matter, you can also affect abstract things like time.  Also, in fiction, psychokinetics usually can't control their power.

There.  Now you know some basics.  So the next time you talk about psychic stuff, remember- use the right terms.

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