Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gifts For Your Nerd Girl

  1. Fables graphic novels
    Fables is an epic comic series featuring your favorite fairy tale characters in settings you've never seen them in before ranging from inner city noir, to sprawling war epic.  One of the best comics on the market today.  Get your lady geek the first Fables graphic novel ("Legends in Exile") and she'll probably go out and buy the rest as soon as she's done.
  2. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Soundtrack or DVD
    I, for one, love Felicia Day. I kind of wish I was her. Nathan Fillion is dreamy and NPH is fantastic.  She'll absolutely love you for it.
  3. Wonder Woman Mug
    I have one of these and absolutely love it. Plus, if you get this for her, she'll know that you think she's "As lovely as Aphrodite" and "As wise as Athena"!
  4. Harry Potter Merchandise
    Specifically, a wand. And if you're romantic, it might be a nice touch to get her Hermione's wand and get Ron's wand for yourself, or Ginny & Harry's!
  5. Steampunk Jewelry
    Steampunk is all the rage right now and Etsy has some pretty amazing, pretty reasonably priced steampunkery, especially jewelry.
  6. Personalized Muppet!
    Sean got me one (Chelsea Blue) for my birthday 2 years ago, and I think she's awesome.
  7. Firefly DVD
    Joss Whedon's short lived science fiction western series. The cast is pretty damn fantastic and true to Whedon form, there's a lot of love and passion that went into it. Again, Nathan Fillion is dreamy. And you get an episode filled with Christina Hendricks!
  8. Star Wars Bathing Suit
    Now, I'll be honest and say that this might be more for you than her. But they're pretty damn awesome! Now if only this model was less skinny and a little more believably nerdy:
  9. Merlotte's T-Shirt!
    True Blood is awesome and add this to a pair of black shorts, apron and some sneaks and she's Sookie for next halloween!
  10. Doozers!
    She can snuggle up with these fellows or, if she's really cool, she'll put them on her desk at work!

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