Monday, October 25, 2010


Sorry for our paucity in posting, oh ye readers of Frakking Shiny. Chelsea and I have both been fairly busy.

Something I've been busy with:


In the last few weeks, I've been a guest on two different podcasts

Podcast the First:

Top 3 with Adal Rifai

Adal's podcast features different guest every week listing, and discussing their top 3 something or another. Jason Chin, Jorin Garguilo and I sat in and discussed our top 3 comic books.

Podcast the Second

Stupid Nerd with Arnie Niekamp

Arnie does a podcast where he interviews nerds about nerdy things that he doesn't have a great body of knowledge of. He talked to myself, and Jorin about Superman.

Podcast the Third

Whaaaaaaa? There isn't a podcast the 3rd....yet. But there may be soon. And it might be Star Trek related. Stay Tuned!

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