Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheap, Original, Last Minute Comic Book Related Hallowe'en Costumes

Guys. Ladies. It's October 28th. Hallowe'en is on Sunday. And Hallowe'en Parties start tomorrow night! And you're a nerd with no costume. Obviously you could go to the store and buy an Iron Man Costume, or a Slave Leia costume, but everybody's going as Iron Man and Slave Leia. You want to do something cheap, and original. So here goes:

Matt Murdock-

That's right. Not Daredevil. Matt Murdock. Did you know that when he's not beating up the Kingpin, Daredevil is a lawyer named Matt Murdock? It's true. For this costume, all you'll need is a suit, a pair of red glasses, and a cane (Matt Murdock is blind). Get rid of the cane, and the costume doubles as a Scott Summers (Cyclops from the X-Men) costume.

The Thing (after being temporarily turned back into a regular person)

So, Benjamin Grimm has never really liked being the Thing. I mean, would you want to go through life as a rock-covered monster? Frequently, the Thing gets temporarily cured, but then turns back into the Thing (usually willingly) because he needs his superstrength to save the day. To dress as regular human Thing, all you need is a pair of blue underwear and a look of surprise.

Captain Boomerang, Jr.

Despite (to my knowledge) never serving in the military, the second Captain Boomerang chose to go by his dad's old moniker anyway. All you need for this costume is a leather jacket, a blue scarf with little boomerangs painted on it, and some cardboard boomerangs.

Lex Luthor (Post-Crisis)

Before Crisis on Infinite Earth's Lex Luthor used to wear some pretty out there stuff. Post-Crisis, all you need to be Lex is a bald cap, a nice suit, and a desire to do evil.

Storm (Late 80's)

Dye your hair white and shave it into a mohawk, get a jacket with no sleeves, a choker, and a black tank top, and voila! You're late 80's Storm. Oh! And carry around some knives- late 80's Storm lost her powers.

NFL Superpro

NFL Superpro is, amongst other things, my favorite bad superhero of all time. I'm waiting for some comic creator out there to do a gritty, modern take on him, but until then, you can be him for Hallowe'en! Just take that old football equipment in your garage, and paint it a patriotic red, white, and blue.

Power Girl

Everybody loves Super Girl. And everybody dresses as Super Girl. But you know who's way more badass than Super Girl? That's right, her otherdimensional counterpart Power Girl. And you know who has a way simpler costume than Super Girl? Oh yeah, it's Power Girl. All you need is a blonde wig, a red cape, a white leotard and some blue gloves and boots, and a Power Girling you can go.


What's that you say? Dracula isn't a comic book character? You are so wrong, my friend. As a character in the public domain, Dracula is ALL OVER comic books. In fact, if you picked up X-MEN this month, you'd see Dracula fighting with the X-Men against an army of other vampires. And did you see Blade III? Because Dracula was totally in it. Dracula- classic movie monster, modern comic supervillain.

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  1. HAhaha.. You love SuperPro!
    I love that there's pic of Ben Grimm frighting along side ROM, Spaceknight!