Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Steamy Subjects

It's no secret that Sean and I do a lot of reading.  More often than not if you see the two of us on the train during the morning or afternoon commute, both of us will have our noses stuck in a book.  Even if we're sitting together in the often coveted CTA train seats, we'll be ignoring each other in favor of the literature in our laps.  The majority of that literature tends to be fantasy/science fiction.  We read about swords, dragons, magic, aliens, spaceships way more than anything that can be found on the New York Times Bestseller list.  In our little fiction corner, we've found steampunk.  To be completely fair, Sean found steampunk first, and galliantly passed it my way.  I love it.  And I've even found novels that are steampunk AND that incorporate some of my other favorite subjects, like vampires and werewolves!

What is steampunk, you may ask?  Well, simply, it tends to be a genre set in the 17th century, often Victorian times, where the technology is steam-based, but far more advanced than that of the actual time.  You will find steam-powered engines, yes, but you will also find steam-powered gadgets that you cannot even conceive of.  You will find brass doodads and copper whatchamacallits that do wondrous things.  You'll find dirigible skycaptains (a much better word for blimp) and parasols with a secret weapon installed.  Ladies in taffeta overskirts with leather bandoliers and goggles on their heads.  Men with metal arms covered in cogs, springs, coils and gauges. It's glorious.  A visual, if you need one:

And it's what we've decided to use as the theme for our wedding.  It'll be more formal, neo-vicotorian, and a little more subtle, but it'll be steampunk.   The groom, possibly top-hatted, in a jacket with tails, with a gear corsage and a smile on his face.  The bride, corsetted, a gathered, bustled, swag skirt, with victorian buttoned boots, a gear hair comb and a grin on her face.  It's going to be amazing. I know, I know. Try to explain it to great-aunt fuddyduddy and uncle traditional.  It'll be interesting, to say the least, but it will undeniably be "us."  A little weird, very awesome, and unique.

Hopefully I will have the time to update this blog with little snippets of our plans and our designs.  I hope you enjoy it.


  1. I can't wait!
    I do hope that I am not the aforementioned "great-aunt fuddyduddy"!

    Auntie Cheryl! ;)