Sunday, September 5, 2010

Excerpts from my High School Journal #1

Now, for your reading pleasure, here are a few, choice excerpts from the journal I kept when I was a younger, high school aged nerd:


I've always had a thing for comic books, I don't really know why, nobody else seems to. I guess I see alot of humanity in them that other people don't. You have to see that in the end, the best stories about say Superman for instance since everybody knows who he is are always the ones that bring out the most human aspects of him. Yes I am familiar with the fact that Superman is an alien and by that very description not a human at all, but I think what has to be realized is that Superman is just a reflection of what we dream about and aspire to.

Wow. Apparently, when I was 18, I didn't know how commas worked. I was also very deep. Alot of my entries were stream of consciousness. Here's an example:


Cleaned gunships big scary said cross balloon Marine in the marina which I can't swim type or signal for any matter fire bomb tune in to the wife and kids glory early in the war and never hot air planning help for veterans and a monument to your sweat selling apples for legislated medical tuition another brick in the wall silk, what's silk anyway hey it's snowing creatures and apple pie...

It goes on like that. By the way, all of my journals are on graph paper. I was obsessed with graph paper when I was in high school because I hated margins. Here's an early attempt at humor from before I thought of myself as someone who is funny:

March 14, 2000

How to curl your tongue: Well first off, try curling it. Curling your tongue is fun and easy, take one side of your tongue and touch it to the other side. Hurrah! Your tongue is curled. Hurrah! Chances are, if you can't do it, neither can your mom and dad. I've heard it's genetic so I guess that that is why this is true. This may explain why your parents never seem particularly excited about kissing each other.

Actually, that is kind of funny. Almost. Good work 18 year old me!

Well, that's it for now. But as you may have noticed, there's a no. 1 on the title of this blog. Which means that soon enough, I will plunge into the depths of my teenage self's brain to bring you more nuggets of youthful awkwardness.

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  1. ok, 1.) half way into the first entry, my brain was screaming for some punctuation and i was greatly relieved to reach the following paragraph and find out i was not alone.
    2.) i can totally hear you. i can see you standing in Mr. King's room in a slightly too big sweater, reading these entries as beat poems.