Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prologue: Origin Story

First and foremost, salutations and welcome to Frakking Shiny. We hope that this little place we've set up here on Blogger may offer you a respite from your daily worries, woes, and drudgery.

Oh, how rude. We forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Sean, and this is Chelsea. We're both from Massachusetts originally- Sean from the north shore up by New Hampshire and Chelsea from the magical island called Martha's Vineyard. We met at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and discovered that we shared mutual passions for dragons, spaceships, historical anachronism, cyborgs, sorcery, and making out. It's now eight years later. We've relocated to Chicago, have jobs (Sean at a prominent encyclopedia company, and Chelsea in nursing regulation), and are engaged to be wed in about a year (Huzzah!).

As you may have guessed from the descriptions above, and the title of the blog, we're both nerds, or geeks, depending on your preference in nomenclature. While those words get thrown around pretty liberally nowadays (geekiness being chic in some circles) we are nerds of the classic comic book reading/ Harry Potter loving/ please don't take my lunch money variety. We both like writing, and are passionate about geekstuff, and so we decided to start Frakking Shiny as a place wherein we could make the Internet aware of our own personal opinions on matters like "Phoenix or Emma Frost", "Bill or Eric", and "which glasses are right for me?".

Anyway, now that we've got introductions, and statements of purpose out of the way, why don't we tell you a story about ourselves that will probably give you a better idea of just who it is you'll be dealing with here.

In the Fall of 2002, Chelsea and Sean had been dating for roughly two months. Well, they'd been romantically involved for about two months. They were in college, and poor, and didn't go on "Dates" as much as they got together and talked for a bit before making out (their mutual appreciation for making out having already been established). Anywho. On one of these nights (a full moon in November) the two got together to watch the Fellowship of the Ring on DVD. Actually, to be more specific, it was the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring, and to be EVEN MORE specific, they'd watched the movie part the night before, and were settling in on this particular night to watch the appendices (what they call the "Extras" on the Lord of the Rings DVDs). Somehow during the process they got to talking about their feelings for one another. Maybe it was the mood, and maybe it was the full moon, but one thing led to another, and they both admitted that there was a possibility that they were in love. They both wept, embraced, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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